Sam Negrete began pursuing his passion for photography at age 5 when his father handed him his first camera—a Kodak 110. After many years of experimenting and training with cameras and strobe based photography, Sam’s design and photography skills found their use when he began studying photojournalism. Within six months, he was published in Los Angeles Entertainer and featured by the Houston Film Commission.

Since then, much has happened to shape his style and projects into what they are today. After falling ill and being diagnosed with Chron’s Disease and his father dying, Sam began to take a new look at reality as he wanted to see it—a beautiful exploration and experiment with nature and architecture, contrast and color.

Today, Sam shoots a variety of subject matter, including Fashion, Art, Photojournalism, Architecture, commercial, and more. Thanks to his drive for exploration in all of these categories, he has come to a deeper understanding of light, shapes and the human mind and body—and with unusual backgrounds and props, as well as deep isolation.

Vibrant, bold, and striking style define Sam as a modern day icon.